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Delhi National Capital Region or NCR includes New Delhi and areas surrounding it in neighbouring states of HaryanaUttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Main areas including in Delhi NCR are-

  1. Delhi- For Hotels in Delhi Visit- Hotels in Delhi
  2. Noida – For Hotels in Noida Visit- Hotels in Noida
  3. Gurugram – For Hotels in Gurugram Visit- Hotels in Gurugram
  4. Faridabad – For Hotels in Faridabad Visit- Hotels in Faridabad
  5. Ghaziabad – For Hotels in Ghaziabad Visit- Hotels in Ghaziabad


Delhi NCR has a wide range of accommodation available from 5- star luxury hotels to mid-range hotels and guest houses.

Whatever your need for accommodation might be, Delhi NCR is offering it to you. Emerging new guesthouse and hostel business in Delhi is something that you can find out before you make up your mind.

From the busy streets of Chandni Chowk to the peaceful and quiet abode of Bangla Sahib, Delhi NCR is the full essence of life. Amongst the most popular places in India, the area has thrived due to its rich diversity.

Delhi NCR  is considered  area of hearty people or rather explains its elegance. The first impression of the area may be messy and unorganized, but there is elegance in this unorganized chaos.

Travelers who have already explored this area claim that the only way to see this is to get lost. With tourist locations spread all around, one of the most difficult challenges is to figure out the mystery as to which locations should be on your itinerary.

Yes, not all tourist destinations can be covered in one-day Delhi NCR stargazing, possibly a lifetime would’ve been short to explore.

The great thing about Delhi is that it attracts all, from travellers to family holidays to luxury vacations. Not that many destinations in India can be family holiday destinations, but Delhi NCR  is one of the very few locations in Asia that is equally enjoyable for children as well.

Tourist attractions such as Appu Ghar, Worlds of Wonder, and Adventures Island are some of the most child-friendly destinations in Delhi NCR If your child is looking for educational experiences, Delhi provides the National Science Museum and the Shankar Doll Museum as an alternative for children’s-friendly destinations..

This cultural heritage is a wonderful backdrop for a pre-wedding shooting. There are many best hotels in Delhi that are the best place for your dream wedding.

A lonely soul that looks lonely for a while in a cozy cafe, Delhi has a lot of cafes. Places such as Hauz Khas, Khan Market, Connaught Place are popular for their exhilarating cafes. Apart from expensive restaurants and cafes, there’s an entirely opposite world of Asian food. Cuisine in Delhi doesn’t balance the Chandni Chowk lanes as the perfect spot to try street food in Delhi.

There are also thousands of cultural activities taking place in Delhi across the city. Culture centers such as the Kamani Auditorium and the Ficci Auditorium are organizing some of the most prominent cultural activities in India, such as music festivals, dance festivals, craft festivals, and the Hindu mythology festival.

Not many will notice, but some of the most beautiful green patches are hidden in Delhi’s heart. The Mughal Gardens of Rashtrapati Bhawan and numerous civic parks in Delhi are testaments to Delhi’s efforts to maintain an ecological balance. These green patches inside the city are ideal for a peaceful rejuvenation session.

The streets of Delhi are one of the must-visit places renowned for their inexpensive price and good quality.

Sarojini Nagar Markets are seeing massive footsteps every day of people searching for cheap discounts on their shopping spree. There are also electronic markets, such as the Gaffar marketplace, where you can buy knock-off apple goods at a very cheap price. Delhi is also one of India’s only cities with lively nightlife. Cafés and pubs are open until midnight, and visitors looking for nightlife and partying will visit night nightclubs in Delhi. The city is a real romantic of a lifetime.

NxtDwell offers a Delhi NCR travel guide that can help with the planning of interest-based tours in the capital. There are comprehensive details on travel destinations, things to do and buy, dining options, and how to get there.

As one of India’s leading tourism destinations, Delhi NCR  has become an opulent place to stay. Good hotel to accommodate those who are looking for comfort. The five-star hotels in Delhi, NCR such as Oberoi and The Taj, provide all the luxuries from executive suites to business conference rooms. But Delhi is not only for luxury, it still has a moderate residence.

The heritage of Delhi NCR lists some of the great emperors as its rulers, and it is notable that these kings erected great buildings here to represent the glory of their dynasty. The Mughal Dynasty and the British Dynasty are both seen as those who have made some great constructions in their days.

On the one hand, the elegance of the Red Fort is revered by all, and on the other, the mightiness of Rashtrapati Bhawan (originally constructed as the Viceroy’s lodging by the British) leaves the observer bound! Jama Masjid, Lotus temple, Bangla sahib darbar, etc. are some of the attractive destinations here.

It is worth noting that the Lotus Temple, which is the Baha’i place of worship, is a spot that is strongly recommended to include in your travel plan if you want to see an outstanding view of the majesty embodied in a structure like never before. You will find the best hotel in Delhi with amazing sight views to enjoy the heritage.

This is one good explanation of why locals are still walking around Delhi NCR time and again. Starting from the hot samosas and paratha of Chandni Chowk to the tasty golgappe and chaat, it’s worth a try. The Golgappas (a crispy Indian bread ball loaded with sweet and sour water) is something you can never skip in Delhi at any expense!

From street foods to Modern delicacies there are many best hotels and restaurants in Delhi NCR that sell you the finest cuisines. You should frequent the convenience store shops if you only want to hang out and relax.

NCR is a repository of history and customs left behind by the former dynasties. What we’re seeing at present is the ‘mish-mash’ of a number of cultures in this region. Some communities have a large Muslim community (mainly in Old Delhi), some have a Punjabi community, some are populated by a Bengali population.

NCR  is the sky for shopaholics as people shop here before they crash! There are many small markets every now and then, but there are several markets that have been able to amaze tourists beyond what language might describe.

There is a lot of shopping going on in the streets and flea markets like Janpath, Sarojini Nagar, etc, although there are some markets that can sell you the best of packaged goods like Connaught Place, Khan Markets, etc. You will do a small budget pile of shopping in any of the stores here.

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